नेपाल वन पैदावार उद्योग व्यवसायी महासंघ

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Activities performed by FenFIT Nepal

Institutional Development

  • FenFIT Nepal unite more than 40 districts level forest products based trade organization, two categories organization and two associates member of forest products trade organizations as an umbrella organization to conduct advocacy, social development and forest development.
  • FenFIT regularize its official components from its own building stated at Koteshwor Katahmandu where five star of building occupy more than 2500 sq.ft.   
  • Executive committee distributed work and term of reference from different sub-committee formation like regional, trader, extension, economic, coordination and cooperation to carryout institutional strengthening
  • Staff regulation, FenFIT strategy, economic formulation strategies were layout for mobilization of staff according to ToR, finance formulation and network establishment with different organizations.
  • Monthly, annual auditing system developed for economic transparency and all the annual progress report endorsed on annual general assembly.
  • Annual renew of organizations, members carried out with fine tune record according to constitution of FenFIT.

Social Development

  • FenFIT members are not only users or trader of forest products but also carried out different forest development activities like plantation (Dhading, Bagmati River in Kathmandu, Birth place of Buddha Lumbini, Bhaktapur), improved harvesting and management tools for forest operation.
  • FenFIT Nepal distributed relief goods to earthquake victims in marginalize community (Chepang) in Dhading and Ramechhap utilizing more than eight hundred thousand Nepali currency. Likewise, FenFIT deposited more than one hundred thousand Nepali currency in Prime Minister Relief Fund of Nepal Government to utilize on disaster community for nation.

·         District FenFIT Nepal